Audacity’s Impact

Investing in Leadership Development is crucial to your organization’s success. Two of the main ways it affects your business are through increased performance (due to more engagement, increased leadership, more-informed workforce, etc.) and through lower turnover rates (due to increased morale, added non-salary benefits, greater alignment and organizational fit, etc.). In fact, greater investment in leaders leads to a 218% increase in income-per-employee, and a 24% profit margin rise.* Also, talent development is very important to your employees, considering that 76% of employees want growth opportunities and 87% consider those opportunities “very important”.* All things considered, developing your workforce, especially current and future leaders, is one of the most important investments you can make.

Is It Worth the Investment?

Some of the Results You’ll See:

  1. Less turnover in leadership and pre-leadership positions.

  2. Increased productivity and performance due to better trained leaders and a more educated workforce.

  3. Improved collaboration and team effectiveness with higher morale.

Our Unique Approach

We live at the intersection of Brain-Science, Psychology, and Leadership. Our approach to leadership, coaching, training, and consulting is built on modern research, best practices, and tenets of Adult Learning Theory. We find that, no matter one’s leadership style, we are most effective when we work with our brains and lead others in a way that makes sense with the way our brains function.